BMIT eNews | January 31-st, 2016

Call for proposals IEEE EMBS ISC 2016 Invite BMIT staff to your lab. Study of Lanthanum Compounds for the Treatment of Bone Density Disorders.

Cycle 24 call for proposals

Now open. Closes February 24, 2016 



BMIT eNews | December 22-nd, 2015

- 2015 in (technical) review / 2016 outlook
- SYNC 801

The BMIT facility at the Canadian Light Source is specifically designed to support a wide variety of programs in the life sciences, and provides outstanding possibilities for research, including potential clinical applications in imaging and radiation therapy. The facility has two beamlines; a bend magnet beamline, 05B1-1, and an insertion device beamline, 05ID-2. The BMIT advanced imaging modalities allow biomedical systems to be visualized in ways not possible using conventional clinical systems. These can provide insight into anatomy, function, visualization of disease processes including therapeutic response and the possibility of repeated imaging at low dose.


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  • Harrison, Kimberly D.; Cooper, David M. L. (2015). Modalities for Visualization of Cortical Bone Remodeling: The Past, Pr .... Frontiers in Endocrinology 6. 10.3389/fendo.2015.00122.
  • Karunakaran, Chithra; Lahlali, Rachid; Zhu, Ning; Webb, Adam M.; Schmidt, Marina; Fransishyn, Kyle; Belev, George; Wysokinski, Tomasz; Olson, Jeremy; Cooper, David M. L.; Hallin, Emil (2015). Factors influencing real time internal structural visualization and dy .... Scientific Reports 5, 12119. 10.1038/srep12119.