Imaging the Middle Ear

Bright light allows researchers to see bone as well as tissue

Getting good images of the middle ear and all its parts is tricky. But it’s needed for scientists who want to do things like repair damage or make devices to help aging middle ears function better. 

Advancing CF Research

Cystic fibrosis scientists discover abnormal response to lung infections

The inability to clear bacteria from the lungs is the result of a lack of healthy mucus secreted in the airways of those with cystic fibrosis, according to research published today in the prestigious Nature Communications journal.

Regenerating Heart Muscle

Scientist combines medicine and engineering to repair a damaged heart

Regenerating heart muscle tissue using a 3D printer – once the stuff of Star Trek science fiction – now appears to be firmly in the realm of the possible.

BMIT eNews | July 20-th, 2017

- Welcome Sergey Gasilov, BMIT Scientist!
- Cycle 26 Results Cycle 27
- Call For Proposals Opens July 26
- Micro-CT Option for Cycle 27 Proposals
- BMIT User Data Back-up on WestGrid
- Experiment Support at BMIT
- Shedding Light on Cardiac Regenerative Medicine

BMIT eNews | August 31-st, 2016

- 2016 Summer BMIT Team
- BMIT Staff Changes
- Cycle 25 - Results
- Seminar: Real-time Semiconductor Dosimetry in Radiation Therapy, Michael Lerch
- Initial tests of the Wide Field of View Radiography and CT scanning on ID beamline

BMIT eNews | July 31-st, 2016

- Call for cycle 25 opens.
- BSO Update - POE-2 Door Issue.
- BSO Update - SOE-1 lock-up pathway change.
- CCAC assessment of BMIT
- BMIT user group growth.
- BMIT Alternate Detector Holder System (ADHS).

BMIT eNews | June 30-th, 2016

- BMIT staff outreach - summary.
- MSK Imaging Tenure Track Positions.
- Monochromatic Microbeam Radiation Therapy (m-MRT).

The BMIT facility at the Canadian Light Source is specifically designed to support a wide variety of programs in the life sciences, and provides outstanding possibilities for research, including potential clinical applications in imaging and radiation therapy. The facility has two beamlines; a bend magnet beamline, 05B1-1, and an insertion device beamline, 05ID-2. The BMIT advanced imaging modalities allow biomedical systems to be visualized in ways not possible using conventional clinical systems. These can provide insight into anatomy, function, visualization of disease processes including therapeutic response and the possibility of repeated imaging at low dose.

List of Publications »

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  • Islam, Syed F.; Wysokinski, Tomasz W.; Belev, George; Sundara, Ramana V.; Whitehouse, Steve; Palzer, Stefan; Hounslow, Michael J.; Salman, Agba D. (2018). Food suspensions study with SR microtomography. Chemical Engineering Science 175, 208-219. 10.1016/j.ces.2017.09.051.
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