Biomedical Imaging and Therapy (BMIT) Facility

The Biomedical Imaging and Therapy Facility (BMIT) at the Canadian Light Source has been designed to support a wide variety of programs in the life sciences and to provide outstanding possibilities for biomedical and pre-clinical imaging. BMIT offers high-spatial resolution X-ray imaging and Computed Tomography (CT) through a variety of contrast mechanisms including absorption, refraction, and dark-field (scatter). The last two can provide an unprecedented contrast that conventional absorption imaging cannot, enabling detection of soft tissues. BMIT imaging capabilities can provide insight into anatomy, function, and visualization of disease processes including therapeutic response and the possibility of repeated imaging at low radiation dose. In addition, the versatility of BMIT imaging stations allows users to study various problems from applied material science, energy, geology, and other scientific areas.

The facility has two beamlines, which complement each other perfectly. The 05B1-1 bending magnet generates X-rays in the energy range 12-40 keV which is optimal for imaging of lightweight, thin samples and small animals such as mice and rats. Owing to the good stability of the beam, crystal-based imaging modalities such as K-edge spectral imaging and analyzer based imaging can be employed. Access to the white beam enables CT with high spatial-temporal resolution. The powerful 05ID-2 wiggler-based beamline delivers photon beam with flux density sufficient to acquire a monochromatic CT dataset in five to ten minutes in most cases, but as fast as thirty seconds. Spectral range extends from 25 to 150 keV, which can be used to study large animal models such as piglets and, in general, penetrate through thick, absorbing samples. Propagation-based contrast enhancement can be exploited at both BMIT beamlines. In many cases phase contrast allows visualization of internal features in samples, which exhibit no contrast when examined on conventional clinical devices or laboratory micro-CT systems. For technical specifications please visit beamline specifications page.

The world-class research capabilities of BMIT are available for use by researchers from across Canada. Research time on BMIT is awarded based on the scientific merit of submitted proposals, as determined by competitive peer review. For more information and examples of the type of experiments feasible on BMIT please visit the research highlights and applications pages.